Travel Essentials-What to bring to India

It is always difficult to know what to put in your suitcase when visiting an unknown land. The thing about India is there is so much to take home with you that an empty suitcase is a good idea.

But here are some essentials that you should not leave home without-

You require a visa for India so will need to apply before you arrive, for most tours a 30 day e visa will be sufficient. For my tours comprehensive travel insurance is required.

Travellers should be aware that most internal flights have a 15 kilo luggage limit for checked baggage and a 7 kilo limit for hand luggage. You can pay for excess but the damage is steep. So if you can travel light initially.

A good pair or two of earplugs. India can be noisy at times, early morning calls to prayer, temple bells, weddings etc so a good pair of earplugs can be the difference between a sound nights sleep or a disturbed one. I also travel with an eye mask and a travel pillow. I love my sleep.

Bring your required medicines, of course, and I recommend a visit to a travel doctor before the journey.

India is an affordable place to get prescription glasses made,so why not bring your prescription and get some snazzy spectacles made at a fraction of the cost at home.

Bring a swimsuit, many hotels have swimming pools but tracking down a bathing suit in India is not always easy. The same goes for good quality bras.

Bring your favourite toiletries but there is no need to go overboard as most of the hotels we use provide decent and sometimes even lush toiletries, Most global brands are available in India and some super special organic products from India include Forest Essentials, Biotique and Kama. They are my favourites.

Bring a box of your hair dye, you can get loreal and garnier dyes here but not always in your preferred shade.

I also recommend bringing your own sunscreen and bug repellent.

Wet wipes are handy as is hand sanitiser both of which you can pick up in India at any chemist.

A small first aid kit is handy and can be easily restocked at any pharmacy in India.

TECH – As for technology bring your camera, an unlocked phone, Ipod for long journeys or an e reader. Power bank and adaptors and chargers. A torch is handy as some remote areas suffer power outages and stumbling around a new room in the dark is not fun.

Again you can find data cards, hard drives and most tech here.


Try to bring light weight clothing, silk tops and scarves are great.You can pick these up here at affordable rates. Cotton fabrics and layering can cover you day and night, half the fun is shopping for great textiles and if you are interested in Bazaars and Boutiques check out my upcoming Boho Luxe and Hippy Chic Tours.


2 bras, 5 underpants, 2 tank tops,1 swimsuit

1 sarong for shimmying to the pool side or relaxing in. It can double as a wrap too.

2 pairs of leggings comfy for travel and can be topped by tunics or long tops for modesty.

2 pairs of lightweight cotton trousers.

1 shawl or scarf, handy for temple visits, pollution , modesty and for desert queen moments. You are bound to pick up more along the way.

3 tunic tops or shirts.

1 fabulous dress or mid length skirt. minis are out except in Goa.

1 jacket, spray jacket or a mini umbrella great for sun or rain.


A pair of flip flops, crocs make some comfy and cool ones now. It is true.

A sturdy pair of walking shoes.

A pair of sandals.

But let me mention you will go crazy for hand stitched, embroidered and beaded sandals found all over India. So leave some space in the bag.


My male friends say shopping for them is harder, so bring your own Tshirts

You can easily get cool shirts tailored for yourself in great fabrics or buy them in organic cottons from boutiques like anokhi.

But if your look is more mainstream adapt the list above minus dress, bras and maybe even leggings.

Have fun and contact me for further info at








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